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If you are looking for the best books on cyber security on the market, there are a number of excellent choices that you can make. These include such titles as National Security Secrets: The Inside Story, Cybercrime: Making it Global, Dark Intelligence, and Identity Theft Deterrence. Each of these books has something to offer those who are looking for a comprehensive overview of the subject. However, before you start looking at the covers of these books, you might want to look at some basic information about cyber crime and how it fits into the national security picture.

National Security Secrets: The Inside Story is the third in the series of books on cyber security written by Kevin Dunn. As the name implies, this book covers one of the most important events in recent history. The events that are covered in this text are the September 11th attacks on America. As with other works in this genre, however, many of the events in National Security Secrets are exaggerated but the overall theme is correct. In fact, much of the data that is used in the text comes from reports prepared by the Department of Homeland Security. In this particular volume, Dunn does not focus entirely on the United States but instead chooses to examine some of the more authoritarian regimes around the world.

Cybercrime: Making it Global follows a similar format as the previous books in the series. Cybercrime is an international phenomenon that has become more widespread in recent years. Cyber criminals have leveraged the Internet to create attacks on critical infrastructure and more affordable weapons. This book review focuses on one of the methods that cyber criminals often use – hacking. The author looks closely at the economics of this crime and the implications that it has for both companies and governments.

Best Books On Cyber Security

Two very different yet quite compelling books are Cybercrime: Making it Global and Colorful Book One. The author, Kevin Dunn, starts off with an interesting overview of what cybercrime is and why it is increasing around the world. It then delves into how digital tools and methods are being used to perpetrate crimes. The last two chapters look closely at how this crime is being prosecuted around the world.

A good book on cyber security is one that looks at the past and examines the present day. Cyber criminals have always been in business to make money and that goes double for the Internet. That is why some of the information in these books is so interesting – the ancient history that they cover along the way and the current day. Kevin Dunn covers all of the relevant topics in a clear and concise manner and provides plenty of detail in each chapter and the end of each chapter.

The author has a masterful way of writing about technology and he gives us plenty of examples of what he means when he uses the word “cybersecurity.” He also offers lots of practical advice and ways to implement some of his ideas. Good books on cyber security will teach you what you need to know as well as give you some ways to prevent future attacks.

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