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How to Choose the Right HackerRank Alternatives

How to Choose the Right HackerRank Alternatives

If you’re a software developer, a hacker, a security researcher, a penetration tester, or a bug hunter, then HackerRank may be the site you’ve been looking for.

HackerRank is a website that provides rankings and reviews of various programming languages. The website is free, and it’s not only popular by hackers but also by students and beginners in programming.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of the HackerRank platform and why it’s a great place to develop your skills and reputation. We’ll also get into HackerRank alternatives and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Top HackerRank Alternative

  • Geektastic
  • Leetcode
  • Codility
  • HackerEarth
  • DevSkiller
  • HireVue
  • TestGorilla

Tips for Choosing the Best HackerRank Alternatives

1. Decide On Your Skills and Target Job

Do you want to remain in your current position? If yes, the only issue is finding suitable challenges and expanding your resume by taking on new technologies. Or, do you want to switch jobs? If this is the case, you should consider projects similar to your desired job profile. The more familiar the challenges are with your target job, the better.

2. Identify What Makes a Good Alternative for Hackerrank

You can outline several important characteristics that make an alternative to HackerRank great. You may want the website’s challenges to be similar in terms of technology used, difficulty level, and time required to solve them.

You also need to look for options with a good user interface, nice features (such as auto-grader), and a great community.

3. Check out Different Alternatives before Deciding on One

Before you team up with a particular website, it’s best to check out several HackerRank alternatives and compare them in terms of community, features, availability of challenges, and so on. By doing this, you’ll get an idea about the pros and cons of each platform and make a more informed choice.

4. Check User Reviews and Feedback before Settling For a Platform

If you’ve already done your homework and shortlisted some HackerRank alternatives, it’s time to dig deeper into them. Search for online reviews from IT experts to learn about the …

Warning Signs of Contaminated Fuel

Warning Signs of Contaminated Fuel

Contaminated fuel is a nightmare scenario for any industry. The damage that can be done to an aircraft or vehicle when contaminated fuel is used can be catastrophic, causing you to spend thousands. 

In this post, we will discuss how contaminated fuel can occur and what to do when it does. We will also provide a list of the warning signs of contaminated fuel so you can make the right choice in your next maintenance task.

What is Fuel Contamination

Fuel contamination is when different contaminants like water, microbes, etc., enter the fuel storage tank from the atmosphere, and in optimal condition, they thrive and degrade your fuel quality. 

Though using FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) fuel is an excellent alternative to mineral diesel fuel or gasoline to reduce the earth’s carbon footprint, it may not be favourable to your fuel storage business. It is more prone to contamination and requires a lot of maintenance than traditional fuels. 

Causes of Fuel Contamination

Let’s go through the causes of fuel contamination:


Water is the leading contaminant that can cause equipment wearing issues besides fuel contamination. Water is always present in modern ULSD (Ultra-low sulfur diesel) fuel. But if the quantity exceeds the approved limit (500 ppm), contamination starts. 

But how can water enter your fuel storage tank? 

  • As biodiesel is hygroscopic, it tends to absorb water from the atmosphere. 
  • Water can also find its way into your storage tank if there is any leak there. Even small leakage or open vents allow water to get penetrated and mix with the clean fuel inside. 
  • If the tank is half-filled, air and water vapour get deposited above the fuel. The water vapour expands in the day when the temperature is high and condenses and creates free droplets inside as the temperature falls at night.

While dissolved water can affect your fuel stability, emulsified and free water is more challenging to deal with and cause severe water contamination. 


Another most common type of fuel contamination is microbial contamination. The microbes that cause microbial growth in fuel are often called diesel bugs (fungi,

PT1000 RTD vs PT100: What’s the Difference?

PT1000 RTD vs PT100: What’s the Difference?

PRT (Platinum Resistance Thermometer) is a widely adopted RTD for its efficacy and precision in temperature sensing. No matter whether you need to measure temperature for scientific, industrial, or environmental purposes, nothing can outshine the RTDs

Two of the most popular RTDs in modern process industries are Pt100 and Pt1000 RTD. They provide repeatable results and are more accurate than thermocouples, thermistors, or silicon-based sensors. 

But which one can match your industry specifications better: Pt100 or Pt1000?

In this post, we will cover how Pt1000 and Pt100 differ from each other and assess their strengths and weaknesses. So if you are trying to decide which RTD is best for you, read on!

What is an RTD

An RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) is the most popular and precise electronic temperature sensor available today. RTDs contain a conductor wire with a positive temperature coefficient as the temperature sensing component. 

The most used materials are:

  • Platinum
  • Nickel
  • Copper

Among the RTDs, Pt-made RTDs are most popular because:

  • Pt has excellent corrosion resistance, which means it is highly resistive to the degeneration caused by chemical, environmental or electrochemical reactions. So, PRTs can operate in even extreme environmental conditions with precision. 
  • It comes with excellent stability.
  • PRTs feature a temperature range between -200°C to +850°C, which is greater than other RTDs and thermocouples. It makes PRTs suitable to operate precisely in higher temperatures. 
  • PRTs exhibit more consistent, precise, and repeatable results. It means the temperature is the same for an identical experiment environment while measured multiple times with a PRT. 

Pt1000 RTD

Pt1000 is a wire-wound or thin-film Pt-based RTD. The name Pt1000 indicates:

  • The RTD is composed of Platinum
  • It has a nominal resistance of 1000 ohm at 0°C
  • Its resistance varies as 3.85Ω with a temperature change of 1°C


Pt100 is another Pt-composed RTD sensor. With Pt100, we understand:

  • The constituent of this RTD is Pt (Platinum)
  • Its resistance change is a variant of temperature variation, and for each degree Celsius temperature change from the reference (0°C), there is a change of 0.385Ω in resistance. 

Though most

Offline Mobile Application Development

Offline Mobile Application Development

Offline mode has now become one of the most important features of mobile applications. Because, when it comes to mobile apps, the user experience is everything. It has a significant impact on your app’s success. A negative user experience can result if people are unable to utilize your mobile app owing to a poor network. The post will cover the importance of offline apps, the offline mobile app development process, and how to find the right online resources to help you get started.

What Are Offline Mobile Apps?

They are apps that do not need to be online, they do not need to connect to a server while in use, and/or they do not need to check in via the Internet in order to function.

Reasons To Create An Offline Mobile App

Online mobile apps are handy for people looking to harvest data or to stream adverts and encourage micro-payments, but how does this benefit the end-user? Offline mobile apps offer fewer benefits to the app creator, but they are more easily able to build a good reputation and standing with the user, which is especially useful if you have long-term goals for your app and/or the premise behind it.

How To Decide The Features For Your Offline Mobile App?

Decide the purpose for your app. If it is a game, then what is the end result. Are you just looking to flex your developer skills, or are you looking for people to buy the upgrade, the DLC, or perhaps improve your developer profile?

If your app is functional or some sort of utility, then it needs to address a core need that your consumer has. Just remember that most of the processing and app business needs to be done locally. With the exception of updates, your app shouldn’t need to be online in order to function.

What Is The Cost To Add Offline Mode?

It all depends on the form and function of the mobile app. For example, if your app is a simple calculator with adverts running along the bottom, then going offline would require a little …

IT Support Surrey

IT Support Surrey

Looking for IT Support Surrey? It’s no secret that the tech industry is booming. According to research published by the BBC, the sector is predicted to grow by more than 50% over the next five years. This means that a greater number of people will be seeking help to improve their business’s technology. In this guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of Hiring an IT Support team and how you can get the best out of your technology. So, if you’re looking for help with your IT system, here’s your guide to finding the best IT support services in Surrey.

What is IT support services and why are they important?

IT support Surrey services involve offloading all your IT solutions to a third-party provider. The provider will take the responsibility of monitoring and maintenance of your IT system 24/7.

Today, most small and medium-sized businesses require third-party IT support services because they lack the resources needed to hire a team of tech experts and manage their IT systems 24/7. The IT service provider acts as your outsourced department, enabling you to enjoy a comprehensive IT system at a lower cost since you will not be required to set up an internal IT department. Additionally, the comprehensive IT solutions provided will help your business to compete with similar businesses in the market.

Choosing the best Company for IT Support Surrey

While there are many IT support Surrey companies in the market, not all IT companies will provide you with the exact services you need. Therefore, it is important to research the available companies before choosing the best IT support provider for you. Below are some of the factors to consider.

Your business needs

The first thing to consider before you start looking for an IT service provider is your business’s needs. You should know the exact IT solutions you need for your business to move forward. Once you have identified your needs, security for instance, you can easily use them to determine the best IT service provider for you. You can learn more about the available companies from online reviews or …

Clinical Laboratory Software

Clinical Laboratory Software

How to Choose the Best Clinical Laboratory Software

Are you struggling to run your clinic? Well, running a clinic involves lots of tasks and activities. Besides attending to patients, you also have a laboratory where samples and specimen are tested. One mistake with the specimen can cause detrimental results hence the need for you to be careful about how you handle everything that gets into the facility. With good laboratory software, you can rest assured that all your patients’ samples are in the right state or order. While selecting the right one seems like a quick process, it involves assessing several aspects to ensure that you get the best and most appropriate system or software for your clinic. Let’s explore the factors that should be at the top of your list when selecting the best clinical laboratory software.

Crucial Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Clinical Laboratory Software

  • Check your lab’s needs: While all are clinical labs, you need to check the needs at your lab before settling for the clinical laboratory software. Some are suitable for large clinics, while others work best for smaller entities. It should be customisable to your exact needs and preferences.
  • Be careful about third-party solutions: You should find clinical laboratory software that eliminates the use of third party solutions or middleware. Having middlemen will not only slow down your lab’s processes but also frustrate your team.
  • Lookout for user-friendliness: There is nothing as disappointing as acquiring unfriendly software. It would be so bad if you purchased the system only to realise that no one at the clinic can use it. To avoid all this, you should check how under-friendly these systems are and whether your employees can operate them. If they are new to the market, you can request the providers to train your team.
  • Assess the cost: The price can be a limiting factor for most people. You can begin by getting quotations from different providers as you align them to your budget. Your main concern at this point should be the cost-effectiveness versus getting a great investment. Like in any

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