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You’re probably not the only one who has gotten stuck hiring developers. You’ve probably gotten estimates that seem way too good to be true. You’ve got the feeling that you’re not sure what you’re doing.

But, if you want to hire the right developers, you need to know what to look for in them. Using a coding challenge platform like that offered by Geektastic ( allows you to screen candidates more thoroughly by testing their practical skills.

In this post, we discuss the three things you need to look for in a developer to find the right one for your company.

What to Look for in Developers

Finding a good developer is not all about general qualifications. There are various factors to consider, some of which include:

Essential coding skills

Evaluating the programming knowledge of a candidate is not easy. Most programming languages are broad, and although one may be acquainted with a language, they may find it hard to answer basic programming questions in an interview.

Perform a casual programming examination to determine whether a candidate has basic coding skills. The test should contain simple tasks that all programmers should be capable of solving.

Problem-solving skills

Even though the comprehension of algorithms and data structures is important, developers should solve different problems and have great time management skills.

Give the candidate a practical project that relates to the problems they might encounter in the job. See how they collaborate with team members to get things done and their thought process in solving the problem.

Progressive learning mindset

Technology is always transforming, and new languages are arising, while some existing ones are falling.

A programmer should have the ability to learn new skills and willingness to adapt to the changing technology. Look at the resume or portfolio of a candidate to find out the skills they have accumulated throughout their career. You can also interview them to see how they have been tracking and familiarizing themselves with the emerging trends in their sector.

7 Steps to Hiring Developers for a Startup

The cost of hiring developers is a big factor. The following steps will help you make an informed decision to avoid hiring the wrong person for the developer position.

Establish the skillset your business needs

Identify the reason why you need to hire a developer and the role they will play in your company. Every business has unique goals and requirements. That should kick start the process of finding the appropriate developer.

Draft a detailed job description

Come up with a focused record of your requirements, detailing the information you want to convey. It should contain the qualities you want in a candidate and a message to attract potential developers.

Determine the screening process

Candidates should go through a professional evaluation process. Come up with different ways to evaluate them and thoroughly engage them. All your interviewers should be well-prepared and know what they are doing.

Listen, engage and collaborate with the candidates

Engage the candidates during the interview and make sure you find out as much as possible. Learn how they can work in teams and how well they express themselves. You can ask open-ended questions that will have them talking about what they are passionate about.

Assess the technical expertise of the interviewee

Evaluate the technical skills of the candidate by using coding challenges. They will allow you to test how a candidate solves problems. Have them take you through the details of how they solved or how they intend to solve a problem.

Identify and keep in touch with competent candidates

Have several interviews and evaluation stages that will present the most competent candidates. Keep in touch with suitable candidates to make them interested in the position since most recruitment processes take a while to complete.

Fill the position

Once you find viable candidates you are willing to employ, market the role to them. That will make them consider working with your company, just in case they had other offers from competing companies.

Where to Hire Developers for a Distributed Team

There is an increase in the demand for workplace flexibility. That makes it easier to hire developers willing to work remotely. There are numerous options for finding a suitable developer, depending on your budget.

There are numerous online platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, FlexJobs, and many more, where you can find freelance developers. You can also research on software development contractors and directly contact the desired candidates via platforms like LinkedIn.

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