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It can be an absolute nightmare when my computer has been hacked and all my personal information, including my online passwords have been stolen. Hackers first get into my computer system through a security hole in the system called Trojans. Once they have gotten into my computer, they will use these Trojans to perform a wide range of dangerous tasks including spamming my email with ads, redirecting my web browser settings to different sites, and even changing my desktop wallpaper. To make matters worse, the hackers then proceed to exploit my computer by trying to locate other files that may have been corrupted or lost.

After my computer has been hacked, all my online passwords have been compromised. There are many ways that this information has been stolen, such as via software downloads, internet caches, emails, instant messaging chats, and through open ports. The most common way that my computer has been hacked is through fake antivirus and security software. These fake antivirus programs have been designed to scare me into purchasing fake upgrades for my computer by claiming that my computer has been “hacked”. Don’t fall for these scams!

You probably think that if a virus only causes your computer to run slower or has trouble booting up that it is not a big deal. However, this is not true. A computer can be completely compromised even if there is just a tiny little virus that does nothing else but create a big problem. This is why it is important to always have an updated and current anti-virus and security software running and protecting your computer system. You do not want to wait until your computer system has been seriously hacked before updating your security software.

Another way that my computer was compromised was through data stealing software. This software records all my personal data and sends it to an attacker. The attacker then has access to my entire computer system. This means that if they manage to get access to my data, which they probably will, they can steal my bank account numbers, my credit card numbers, my social security numbers, and any other information that they can find. They could also use my data to make purchases on the internet and run up charges on my credit card.

My Computer Has Been Hacked

If my computer has been hacked, one of the first things I would do is call my computer technician and set up an appointment with a computer repair specialist. Unfortunately, my computer security software had not been set up when my computer system was breached. Therefore, I had to hire a computer technician to fix my system. The technician was very quick to repair my computer system and restored it to a good state. I was able to work on my computer after being away from home for three days.

Other times my computer system has been hacked while I am not at home. I recently found that my personal information (name, address, telephone number, social security number, birth date) had been stolen by someone who had gained access to my computer using malicious software. Thankfully, I was able to quickly gain access to my computer using online security software. After I gained access to my computer, I found all my passwords and user names had been reset, my bank accounts had been restored, and my credit card information was clear.

Some other times my computer system has been hacked without my knowledge. One of my cats learned how to open up my laptop. He quickly figured out how to bypass the anti-virus software that I personally have used to protect my computer. He then used this information to open up my laptop and copied every single file that he could find, which ended up damaging my laptop further. Luckily I had backups of all my files before he had copied them.

As you can see, all types of things can cause my computer system to be hacked. This does not always mean that someone has gained access to your personal information. Sometimes, it is more dangerous than that. Make sure to run a virus scan on your computer on a regular basis, whether you think there is a threat or not.

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