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Penetration testing is becoming one of the popular engagements available to today s online security-conscious companies. There are several reasons for running such a test, including lower risk associated with IT investments, improved overall security levels, or achieving compliance standards; and there are still more Penetration Testing companies available. It is often the case that companies find themselves looking for a penetration testing company after they have already signed up with a suitable e-security provider. Many businesses, however, aren’t aware of the exact meaning or scope of this test. This article aims to explain the penetration testing in layman’s terms and provide a clear overview of the requirements. With this information in mind, businesses can make a more informed decision about whether or not to engage a Penetration Testing company.

One of the main goals of Penetration Testing is to find any flaws in the system that could lead to security or usability issues. The primary objective is to make sure that the software or hardware remains functional and that no further vulnerabilities are found. Depending on the requirements of the client, these tests may cover a wide variety of approaches. For example, some Penetration Testing companies may conduct a vulnerability scan to detect common software errors, while others might be looking for weaknesses in the system’s memory architecture. A full scan or vulnerability assessment will usually involve performing both open source and closed source vulnerability scanning techniques.

Most penetration testing companies will assign testers to a handful of projects each week. Testers may also be required to monitor the servers, networks and other aspects of a system over a period of time. Specialized software tools and vulnerability scanners are also used during penetration testing. The goal of the testers is to determine if any of the system’s vulnerabilities allow an attacker to gain access to the company’s confidential data or other resources.

Penetration Testing Company

When looking to hire a Penetration Testing company, it’s important to understand what type of services they provide. Depending on the size and scope of your requirements, a Penetration Testing company might perform network penetration tests, network security audits and even pen testing (a form of hacking). Generally speaking, Penetration Testing companies will focus on one or two specific areas within a client’s company, but some larger firms require their testers to conduct a comprehensive range of tests.

Every Penetration Testing company will have its own specialties. A general Penetration Testing company will typically focus on either client-side or server-side techniques. Clients that require network testing and/or pen testing will require a certain type of Penetration Testing company to complete the job. A good Penetration Testing company will include: Whitebox, Blackbox and Greybox techniques in their arsenal of tools. As the name implies, a “Blackbox” penetrates a system without accessing any of the systems’ internals; while a “Whitebox” penetrates a system with the intention of tracking activity by capturing the user’s interaction with the system. Most Penetration Testing companies will employ both techniques, but only a few perform the full range of tests.

It’s also important to remember that a good Penetration Testing company is fully-aware of what a vendor wishes to gain from any testing conducted. Therefore, many Penetration Testing Companies requires the user to sign non-disclosure agreements. While the vendor might be entirely content with the results of the testing, if the results do not meet their expectations they may seek to have the tester sign a NDA. If you’re thinking about conducting network, pen testing or any other type of penetration testing, you should look for a vendor who offers full disclosure. This way you can ensure that they understand what is required and agree to comply with it.

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