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USB flash drives have emerged as a great innovation that provides data storage and application mobility to the users at times when they are required for professional work. At other times, these data storage devices are used for personal purposes. The importance and benefits of the technology have made it popular with a large section of the population and thus, its demand is increasing day by day. But before buying this device, it is important to make sure whether the chosen product is made of high security technology or not. It is quite true that all modern devices are equipped with some form of security mechanism but sometimes these security measures do not work well. In order to avail full benefits of the USB flash drive technology, it is necessary to opt for a USB flash card penetration testing.

In the present market, the most popular encrypted USB flash drives are generally classified into software-based and hardware based encryption. However, for software-based encryption, there comes some obvious disadvantages such as poor performance and the inconvenience of installing certain encryption applications. On the contrary, the hardware-based security of the portable data storage devices comes with very high security feature and the only disadvantage of using this is the time taken to install the device and its performance after unplugging it.

Nowadays, high-security usb flash drives are manufactured with the latest technologies that provide an enhanced level of security and functionality. One such advanced security feature is the Chaos Authentication. This is one of the most innovative features available with the high-security usb flash drives and is designed to secure all the data stored in the device. The device works in the same way as the desktop computer and requires a pass code to operate it.

Security Usb Flash Drives

The novel design of high-security usb flash drives with the advanced security features provides very good protection from hacking, data loss or corruption. The security is achieved by scrambling the data. Each block is scrambled individually and after scrambling all the blocks, they are then printed one after the other on a PCB (printed circuit board) using ink rollers. It should be kept in mind that such a security method can only be used in cases when data recovery is impossible.

The novel design of high-security usb flash drives with the advanced security features offers excellent protection against data loss or damage. The data is scrambled and protected with the help of a powerful and advanced non-linear encryption and decryption function design. The innovative non-linear encryption and decryption function design of the device work in a similar manner to the Secure Digital (SDL) format. The unique feature of using the chip on the PCB surface makes the device almost impossible to hack. Moreover, this innovative security technology is also used for implementing the password protection facility in most enterprise software.

This novel design of high-security usb flash drives has two benefits over most other security methods like paper locks or keys: it is impossible to copy the data can not be lost. However, it should be kept in mind that these USB devices have to be kept in a highly secured area and they can never be taken out of that area. They will have to be kept in a place where it is impossible for anyone to reach and destroy. Security must be used not just in case of loss or damage but also in case of accidental insertion. These security features will definitely add a new dimension to data security for these devices.

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