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Just like you need to train all your workers especially when it comes to physical security measures and passwords, likewise you also need to make sure that all of those who work within your organization have undergone proper thumb drive awareness training. This is actually a very good way to not only protect your business but prevent the employees from installing viruses on the thumb drives. In case there are particularly sensitive devices within your organization, you can even install specific programs or block the USB port from being opened. It’s also best to notify all your workers before they begin using the thumb drives so that you’ll know instantly if they’ve been negligent enough to access the wrong files. There may be software installed within the drives that can compromise security, so as a supervisor or system administrator, it’s important that you know what to look for and how to deal with this situation.

One way to keep your IT department up to date and properly perform their duties is by going through a thumb drive awareness course. A course such as this not only teaches your system administrators and other employees to not only how to secure the systems within your company… they also teach them how to not allow the inappropriate use of the computer devices by members of your workforce. There’s a term for this, and it’s called… identity theft. Your system can become a target for identity thieves when the appropriate security measures aren’t taken.

Security awareness training can also come in the form of… tech support. Some companies hire qualified technical staff to assist them with the day to day management and maintenance of their computer systems. Your technicians will need to know how to use the devices and perform the various maintenance functions, such as… drive diagnostics and repairs, virus removal and defragmenting. You can even assign your tech support staff certain specialty tasks, such as… upgrading the thumb drives of all employees who are certified in technical level one (or greater), or… installing and upgrading firewalls. These specialized skills will help keep your business secure.

Thumb Drive Awareness

Another aspect of thumb drive awareness training is… taking the time to educate your personnel about privacy issues. You cannot tell your personnel that they can read the article text, email content, published documents, printed materials and social media content on their work computer. This can result in costly litigation, fines, loss of time at work and professional reputation issues. Tech support is taught in a… Read article | tech | security awareness | tech support | employee} Tech support isn’t the only aspect of thumb drive security awareness training that should be covered. Your personnel need to understand how a virus can infect a computer in the first place. Viruses, adware, spyware and malware can all be extremely dangerous to your company’s productivity and ability to function as designed.

An effective program can teach your personnel how to perform a virus scan on a regularly scheduled basis. A… Read article explains how to do this. This program can also teach your personnel how to stop phishing scams, malicious email attachments and web bugs from attacking their work computers. Additionally, a virus scan can help your senior leader prevent unauthorized access to his company network. Again, a… Read article explains this.

As you may realize, your senior leader may find himself spending countless hours online. He may also spend some of his waking hours viewing videos posted to YouTube and social networking sites. If he does not use an adequate amount of corporate-grade cyber awareness training, he could quickly become a victim of a cyber attack – whether he is aware of it or not.

With a proper training program in place, your IT team and your senior leader will be well-protected against cyber threats. According to a… Read the article, the most common method of attack is through spear-phishing. In other words, hackers will send spoofed emails to either open a harmless website or sap personal and confidential information.

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